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             Gary and I served together in the Army National Guard at the 200th Military Police company. Gary was a supply specialist and I was an MP which meant I constantly lost gear and Gary had to cover for me. That was 8 years ago and we’ve been buddies ever since.

              Since then Gary transferred to active duty as an infantryman and served a tour in Afghanistan, then got out. I've served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and remain in as a Staff Sergeant and full time Recruiter.

               Why a t-shirt company? We want to change how Vets view their service. We noticed there’s something about T-shirts that really connects with people, especially Veterans. The problem with that connection in the current T-shirt market, is that it’s dominated by over the top, shoot em up, bacon-before-breathing type shirts. While we love our Country and bacon, we know that this does not reflect the average Veterans experience.

                Our solution is to design our products based on the positive side of serving our Country, the inside jokes that kept us up laughing after lights out.

                With that concept in mind, Grumpy Joes was born.


    Mike McGraw - CEO          Gary Hwang - CFO






     Special thanks to Mike Berkel for the amazing graphic design work! You can find more of his work and contact him at BerkelCRTV.com