3 former U.S. service members detained in Sudan and I deployed with one of them.

Gary Hwang

By Gary Hwang - June 23 2017


So if you haven't already heard the news, the Department of Defense has announced that 3 American citizens have been detained on June 21st by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) while trying to cross into Sudan. There has been no reasons as to why they were trying to get into Sudan.



The three American citizens that are also former service members are William Martinovich, Craig Lang, and Alex Zweifeholfer. Alex Zweiholfer is considered AWOL from the 82nd Airborne Division. While the other two have clean military pasts. 

I personally deployed with Craig Lang to Afghanistan in 2011-2012 as Infantryman with the 1st Armored Division and more specifically a unit called "Warhorse" or 1-13th Cav. We always got the green weenie or even worse, the horse weenie from our unit. It's nothing unusual.

Lang was always having issues with his wife even during deployment. It got worse in 2013 when we were back at Ft. Bliss, TX. She was constantly sending videos of her having sex with other men while she was pregnant and he notified the chain of command of his situation. But the chain of command bothered to do nothing and while they are getting the divorce finalized they forced him to pay her half of his earnings including BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). 

One night as a few of us were playing spades, Lang received a phone call from his ex-wife stating that she is going to name their son after one of the men she had sex with. That's when he lose it. I'm sure we all would. Next day, he didn't show up to PT formation. That's the moment Lang was driving to North Carolina all the way from Texas to attempt to kill her with a car full of claymores and two AR rifles. 

I called Lang multiple times, trying to get a hold of him. He finally picks up and I do my best to talk him out of it. Luckily he doesn't go through with it. Long story short he gets arrested and back into the hands of the Army.

Two years later in he volunteered himself to fight in the Ukraine War against the Russian invasion. He's been in and out of Ukraine for the past few years. And somehow he has gotten himself into another mess by getting detained by the SPLA in Sudan.

He is a crazy son of a gun without a doubt. But he's the type to have your six no matter what.


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